Vulnerability Testing


At Video First we have a laser focus on security and implement industry best standards to ensure the protection and privacy of your data.

To ensure optimum security, we undergone regular penetration testing by external security companies in identify (and immediately fix) any potential vulnerabilities and threats .

Contact us at [email protected] for a copy of the latest penetration test from security experts Uleska.

Cloud Security

Video First is hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services) which has best-in-class security throughout it’s cloud platform.

At Video First we add to this by using security best practices such as principle of least privilege (PoLP), Two-Factor Auth (2FA), password and key rotation in both cloud and supporting services.

All user content is stored on secure databases and private S3 buckets. These are further locked down via additional Video First based authentication / authorization code layers.

Collaborative testing platform

Test, review and approve visuals... visually.

Speed up the testing process by inviting your team, stakeholders and customers to comment and annotate in real time.