Never miss an update again!

Video First for Slack is the perfect productivity companion! This integration connects Video First projects to Slack channels which has many benefits including: -

  • Visibility – visibility of Video First activity is increased when notified in Slack.
  • Confidence – your software team is informed when user interfaces tests are uploaded and reviewed, increasing confidence.
  • Collaboration – all feedback on Video First is immediately and automatically reflected in Slack.
  • Streamlined Process – Slack users can get value from Video First without even having to log into Video First!

Easy Installation

To link a Video First project to a Slack channel do the following: -

  • Open a Video First project.
  • Select Settings in project menu, then Slack integration in side menu.
  • Click Add Slack button and follow the instructions to complete.

Collaborative platform for frontend testing

Test, review and approve visuals... visually.

Change the way you test, review and approve front-end development with the VideoFirst collaborative testing platform.