Designed to increase visibility, productivity & confidence and enhance team work, Video First was set up by founder Bob Marks. With over 20 years of experience in the software industry, Bob saw a gap in the market for a trusted, high-quality and revolutionary UI testing tool centered around video, instead of outdated technologies such as spreadsheets.

Video First provides a way to capture, review and collaborate videos of user interface tests in a central hub when developing a piece of software.

Everything we do should ultimately reduce time, risk and cost for software teams testing and delivering user interfaces.

Bob Marks – Founder, Video First

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“At Video First, we offer a central collaborative repository of your test videos which makes for a more effective product and furthermore, ensures the benefits of your testing regime are visible to colleagues, project managers and company stakeholders. Everything we do should ultimately reduce time, risk and cost for software teams testing and delivering user interfaces.”

With Video First, users are able to:

  • Increase productivity and clarity through rigorous testing.
  • Save time and money by identifying a testing issue in video format, rather than words, with the potential to be utilized as a training tool for new staff.
  • Identify a visible record of progress and ongoing diligence, which allows the user to review how the software has developed over a period of time.
  • Observe clear evidence of testing, a proven digital trail which increases confidence not just for the tester, but for management too.
  • Integrates with developer tools such as Slack & Jira.
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You can see exactly what your team is working on, at any time. Plus you can have the ability to precisely edit multiple features, thanks to streamlined dashboards for individual projects, a recent activity bar and a coherent approval functionality within the review process.

Video First is the essential tool for software developers, designers, business analysts and managers which provides increased visibility across all business levels, with the ability to review the UI testing process at every stage.

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Read our client testimonials to see for yourself.

Quality is important to us, so we decided to use Video First from the start. It’s a great collaborative tool that’s helped to ensure the quality of our UI. The transition from a spreadsheet approach to a video based repository enabled us to save engineering time and increase quality.

Oliver Lennon - CEO, Syndeo
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We would highly recommend using Video First – it’s reliable, fast, clear, high-quality and provides a clear, central focal point for transforming half-baked ideas into meaningful scenarios and hard requirements.

Anna Friel - Testing Manager, Dawson Andrews
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Bring everyone together

Test, review and approve visuals... visually.

Invite your team, stakeholders and customers to review and approve front-end testing visually with the VideoFirst collaborative testing platform.