Video First for Slack

Bob Marks
Bob Marks
Video First for Slack

We are pleased to announce the Video First Slack App is now live! This was the first integration we delivered from the TechStart Concept Plus proof of concept grant.

What is Video First?

Video First is an online collaboration tool which helps software companies improve the process of testing and delivering user interfaces. It provides the ability for teams to upload, share and review videos of their user interface tests in real-time.

Video first for slack 2

What is Slack?

Slack is one of the most popular team collaboration messaging platforms in the world. It is used by many software developers and as of April 2019 it has 10 million daily active users.

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The “Video First for Slack” Integration

The “Video First for Slack” application allows users to link their Video First projects to a Slack channel. Users can then receive real-time Video First updates without leaving Slack. Installing the app is easy, simply sign up / login into your Video First Account, go to the Projects page and click the Connect Slack button.

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This will link up the Slack authorization screen and once you Allow the slack integration then it will display the following: -

Video first for slack 6

You are then ask to choose from one of three types of Slack types: -

  1. Public Channel – Slack channels which everyone in the workspace can join.
  2. Private Channel – Slack channels which you must be invited to.
  3. Direct Message – individual Slack users.

Congratulations – your Slack channel is now connected to your project! Any updates to your project will be reflected in Slack in real-time, meaning your never miss an update again from Video First.

Video first for slack 7

Thanks for reading and we look forward to updating you when we delivery future Video First integrations with JIRA, Chrome Plugin etc.

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