Global design and technology firm Dawson Andrews was able to complete a key software design & build project for a large sporting governing body within a two week timeframe which would typically take eight weeks and cites Video First as integral to the project success.

Dawson Andrews is a digital services company in the web and digital transformation sector, with a core focus on Software Services and Software Licensing for the professional services sector in the main. The project was commissioned in May 2020 in the middle of Covid lockdown period where both the team and the client team were all working remotely.

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The Video First product provides the perfect solution for maximum team work despite location, efficiency and agility to adapt to the client feedback and keep the workflow moving at all times, especially within specific deadlines or restricted timeframes and circumstances like this example.

The value of Video First

The Dawson Andrews team enjoyed the following business benefits from using Video First as a tool:

VideoFirst was a simple and clear medium to communicate an idea, get feedback quickly and extremely easily

Anna Friel — Principal Quality Assurance Engineer, Dawson Andrews

  • Having a clear, central, focal point for maturing half-baked ideas into meaningful scenarios and hard requirements, which was critical to this project to turn it around in the desired timeframe but also whilst delivering a high quality solution.
  • And one that has attracted over 200,000 users inside the first 2 weeks from launch, and now close to 400,000 users.
  • At full capacity the software is delivering around 100,000 Covid form submissions per day, with 8 per second at peak hours and around 10 million to date.
  • Ultimately from a day to day business benefit Video First provided an accurate historical record of client direction and decisions throughout the process from design to build, as well as the solution evolution.

How we use Video First

Anna Friel, Principal Quality Assurance Engineer at Dawson Andrews, describes how Video First works within its business,

“Out of the blue we were presented with a Covid-related project from a client with a two week immovable deadline to production, on top of extremely vague and evolving requirements.”

“The first few hours of engagement were critical and we used Video First as a solution to record sketched out low fidelity designs or screen flow to demonstrate potential scenarios and get fast feedback from stakeholders. Video First was a simple and clear medium to communicate an idea, get feedback quickly and extremely easily on that idea from anyone who needs to provide it via shareable links, and iterate quickly on that feedback”.


Anna concludes, “The overall business value was immeasurable in all honesty, and the numbers speak for themselves. Using Video First drastically cut the lead time from the arrival of an incomplete idea to complete stakeholder visibility and agreement, to a working solution in the hands of real users.

We would highly recommend using Video First – it’s reliable, fast, clear and high-quality. It provides a clear, central focal point for transforming half-baked ideas into meaningful scenarios and hard requirements.”

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Quality is important to us, so we decided to use Video First from the start. It’s a great collaborative tool that’s helped to ensure the quality of our UI. The transition from a spreadsheet approach to a video based repository enabled us to save engineering time and increase quality.

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