Customer communications company Syndeo, began working with Video First in July 2019, with the aim of improving their UI testing and streamlining communications abilities.

Oliver Lennon, CEO and co-founder of Syndeo says, “We are a cloud-based digital communications platform which makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to engage with customers through AI-powered messaging and advanced chat technology. We began working with Video First who provided us with a rapid, efficient solution to our UI testing needs.”

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Alan Beck, Chief Technology Officer at Syndeo says, “At Syndeo, UI and UX are very important to our day to day work. Our aim is to streamline the ability for organisations to communicate with their customers. We need to be able to guarantee that the user can intuitively know how the solution works and instinctively be able to finetune the solution to get the best result.”

The benefits of Video First

Alan explains, “Video First offers us many benefits that we use every day. Some of those are just simply nailing down UI, especially through the use of its user review functionality, which allows us to bounce ideas around, communicate and refine how we want the interface to look and feel.”

The Syndeo team enjoyed the following business benefits from using Video First as a tool:

  • UI testing efficiency – precise and detailed feedback
  • User review functionality – allows users to communicate and refine the look and process of the interface
  • Confidence – well organised video evidence which shows proof of testing and UI development process between users for accountability

How we use Video First

Alan describes how Video First works within the business, “We can experiment rapidly and come to a conclusion faster. It also allows us to utilise the functional testing aspect of the solution. For example, we have video evidence in a well organised fashion that can show us how it was working previously. We know that it did in fact worked previously, which in turn gives us a lot more confidence going forward that our solution is working as expected.”

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We would highly recommend using Video First – it’s reliable, fast, clear, high-quality and provides a clear, central focal point for transforming half-baked ideas into meaningful scenarios and hard requirements.

Anna Friel - Testing Manager, Dawson Andrews
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